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Healers – Healers are generally monks, within the grounds which they’re the sole course who will recover. They keep folks’s HPs topped up, dispel nasty debuffs and res you all whenever you die.

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Dex – You will want at the very least 400 dex combined with maxed out focus to hit continually. I might recommend towards likely further than seven-hundred dex while… it’s tough to obtain a good evasion devoid of acquiring a totally OTT dex, and I'd argue that it’s simpler to get defence in other approaches (absorbtion) than sending your dex in to the stratosphere.

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Legend: Drops through the manager on the top volume of Maitreyan, Ankylul. This manager is required for the level 43 epic quest, so farming him is from the rules of Shaiya and will bring about a ban.

Quests are revealed on the map by yellow diamonds, and finished quests indicated by blue diamonds. Completing a quest will usually reward you with more gold, practical experience and at times a weapon or bit of armour.

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You aren’t technically at a set amount below, but you can invest a great deal of time acquiring from L50 to L70, so I figured it deserving of it’s very own area.

I could be ok likely Gun too if everybody is onboard, but Axe's Freezin talent appears to be highly praised

I believe we should assemble our staff as much as you possibly can as we would like it to generally be in a while so we can get started leveling up the mercenaries now. A healer is a must for when things get severe.

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